Stand with Israel! (Part 1) (Romans 10:1-4, Jeremiah 31:35-37, Romans 11:1-36, Hebrews 6:13-20, Acts 13:46, Isaiah 42:1, Isaiah 49:6, Genesis 12:3, Numbers 24:8-9, Matthew 10:40, Luke 10:16, John 13:20)

Pastor Dwayne Piper, September 18, 2011
Part of the Sunday Morning Topical series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Do you know just how closely the Nation of Israel and Born-again Christians have been, are, and shall be linked throughout all time? While Orthodox Judaism is certainly not the path to heaven, since it denies Israel's Messiah and consequently His Blood Atonement (Romans 10:1-4,8-13), the NATION of Israel itself holds great significance throughout the ENTIRE Bible. Learn some of the deep parallels between the literal nation of Israel and the spiritual nation of born-again believers (1 Peter 2:9-12). For the Christian, it is critical to be or become pro-Israel! The Bible clearly implies that God puts a curse on any who will not bless Israel (Gen.12:3; 27:29; Deut.24:9). Finally, learn something about yourself as a born-again saint, by learning about Israel!

Tags: Romans 10:1, Stand with Israel

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